Advantages of a One Page Checkout for your eCommerce website

Advantages of a One Page Checkout for your eCommerce website | Knowband
A single page checkout cuts the hassle of a lengthy checkout process.

The process of conversion optimization takes in lieu of various parameters which make the experience of the visitor on your website a refined one. Adopting features that are effective and visitor friendly always pay you with rich dividends on your conversion front. One page/single page checkout is one such feature which carries the potential to optimize the conversion while refining the visitor experience of your website. Here we will discuss about the various advantages that a single page checkout carries, which will help you to analyze the effectiveness of the feature for your website.

Advantages of one page checkout

Advantages of one page checkout | Knowband
A single page checkout carries several advantages that can boost conversion rates.

Now we will give a look at the advantages that a single page checkout carries for your eCommerce website.

1. Ease and speed: It is a well known fact that most of the customers abandon their cart due to lengthy checkout process. Thus, an effective and speedy checkout is what that drives the conversion forward. Single page checkout does exactly the same by cutting on those unnecessary lengthy checkout process and providing a seamless outlet for the conversions to flow. For example, marking the unnecessary fields in the checkout page as optional. Also, it can hide several fields completely from the checkout process to make it more compact and neat.

2. Simple to understand: A single page checkout provides an easy to understand interface to the customer. The customer can easily locate himself through the checkout process as he know where exactly to fill all the details and then submit, instead of waiting for loading of pages in continuation, to fill the unnecessary crap.

3. Customer satisfaction: Satisfaction of customer is the ultimate thing you want your website to deliver. To provide the customer a hassle free experience is what you should focus on. A single page checkout act as a crucial element in your plan of creating such experience for the customer. From, one page structure to compact forms, from Ajax based cart update to payment on the same page, everything is handled by one page checkout to provide the promised UX.

4. Advantage mobile: Taking in consideration the amount of data driven by mobiles and tablets these days, a single page check out act as driver of conversion through this route too. As whirling around a multi-page checkout on the mobile can prove to be very tiring experience for the customer. Plus, most of the multi-page checkouts are hardly mobile responsive. The one checkout comes into the game by provided a fully responsive checkout page on a single page.

5. Conversion boost: By catering to the above mentioned advantages, a single page checkout act as booster for your conversions as the customer experience is enhanced several times. All the above explained points play their role to enhance the overall checkout conversions.

How to adopt?

You can easily adopt a single page checkout for your eCommerce website. All you need to do is to update your website with various modules and plugins available to provide the single page checkout experience based on the CMS eCommerce of your website. Magento one page checkout extension, OpenCart one page checkout addon, and PrestaShop one page checkout modules are some of the plugins that are popular in providing a single page checkout experience on your website.


An easy and seamless interface is what a visitor deserves when he/she lands on your website. Ensuring the same throughout the transaction is what matters when it comes to converting a visitor in to a customer. A single page checkout in this regards is an effective tool that you should add to your arsenal.

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